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Wednesday, November 12, 2008

I know, I know... I jumped on the Twilight bandwagon!

So half of you are probably ecstatic that I've joined your little fictional world of forbidden teenage love... and the other half of you are like, "Stacy, are you really buying into all that Twilight junk?" And to that I say... yes, I know its for tweens but I'm a stay-at-home mom who is stuck at home a LOT and I do have to take breaks from crafting ya know! Besides, it IS a decent book and I love to read anyway.

Not to say I dont have my gripes about some of it. First, I think Bella is stupid. Period. But like Stacy H said, I guess I have to try and remember how fresh and naive girls at that age can be. Oh, was I really once like that? Most certainly LOL. Second, it's just not believable to me that a hot vampire with centuries of maturity and undoubtedly a huge roster of people he's met along the way that he would really fall in love with some dumb high school girl. Hmmmph. Ok and thirdly, I wont spoil anything but I didnt care much for the second book in the series, New Moon. Lets just say Edward wasnt in it much.

Anyhoo, I am about 1/2 way throught the third book, Eclipse and its OK so far. (A big Thank You to my friend Becky who let me borrow the whole series). Bella is still irking me, haha. And I am actually looking forward to seeing the movie, which I am going to see with the other mommies in my playdate area group. My husband doesnt even wanna hear about it... he teases me, "Oh great, now you'll want me to be more like this dumb Edwin guy or whatever," LOL.

Well let me know what you all think, I'm sure there are some opinions out there! I know this is a crafting blog, but we also wanted to write about other trends and anything else that interests us! And dont forget our first artist giveaway will be announced in a few days!

~Stacy M


  1. You think that's bad? Don't read the one after eclipse..i can't remember the name of it. You'll hate it and you'll want to punch Bella in the face. ;)I gave up on the series because of that book-it went to a too-obvious place. I am hooked on True Blood though!

  2. Don't feel bad...I jumped on the darn wagon too. I have a tween (she's 11) and wanted to read them, so I initially was reading them with her just to check the content of the book and have discussions on anything "iffy". And I got hooked on the first book...I'd have to say the rest of the books are "so-so". And is it me, or does Stephenie Meyer use the word "chagrin" too much? I started reading the book from Edward's perspective that she has on her website, and just for kicks I did a search on chagrin, and she used it like over 5 times in 200 pages. hehe

  3. LOVE the series, I read all 4 in less than a week & I hate reading! Bella really rubs me the wrong way but that Edward...my god!
    I tease my husband & he too hates to hear about the book & thinks I am a loon for likeing such a silly VAMPIRE story! I made fun of people sporting the twilight shirts, not even a week later I found myself buying one and like a true dork wearing it to the movie with my friend Amy (mother of 4). We fealt like weird old ladies!!!
    Not to give it all away but the movie... not near as exciting as the book, missing alot of the details that were made to be important in hte book.

    Crystal I agree Sephanie Meyer got carried away with CHAGRIN!!! lol

  4. Shaini, yes I heard True Blood is awesome! I am borrowing that series next.

    And yes, I also agree about "chagrin"... like WTF!! haha