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Wednesday, August 12, 2009


okay, okay...so they say the best form of flattery is immitation so let me know if I'm wrong here, but I'm pissed!!
Soooo there's this total C*NT on Etsy who's like TOTALLY copying the designs of like EVERY resin artist on Etsy, me and Lil Stacy included. It's to the point where there is NOTHING in her shop that is original and everything she has is an EXACT REPLICA of an item in another persons shop.....to the tune of 250 items!!! And.....oh it gets worse....AND she's using the same titles and actually COPYING AND PASTING OUR TEXT TOO!!! She is actually using OUR words in her listings, shop announcement, etc!!! The icing on the cake...are you ready for this??? In her shop announcement she says "please don't redistribute or copy my original designs" WTF EVER!!! I'll show you original B*TCH!!! Lil Stace and I composed a very...uh....professional message and sent it to her to no avail....of course!!! I'd love to out this b*tch but I don't want to give her ANY publicity AT ALL!!!! Any advice???

~Stacy H.