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Yes, we are both named Stacy... and not only that, we are some crafty kittens who also enjoy fashion, music, tattoos, shopping and being moms! So put on your lipgloss and stay a while to see what we dish about!

Tuesday, October 5, 2010

Who else is just as excited for Halloween as me and Stacy? The weather here in Arizona has FINALLY started to cool, and we have so much to look forward to this month! Costumes for the kids, Stacy H.'s birthday, a costume party at my medical school (and we get to wear our costumes instead of scrubs!), and of course ALL the totally fun, creative items that spring forth from Halloween festivities! I also personally love all the Halloween products in the stores right now, cool skull dishes and plates that I actually use all year 'round LOL.

Next thing you know, Halloween will be over, we'll all have tummy aches from candy, and we'll be in the throes of Thanksgiving and Christmas! But before that, I want to share a cool Halloween Treasury that one of my resin necklaces was featured in on Etsy :) There is so much wonderful handmade Halloween stuff out there... like home decor for those of you who like to go ALL out. Or how about a handmade accessory to make your costume complete, and also stand out!

Both our shops, Essem Design and Running With Scissorss, have Halloween sections chock full of skulls, ghouls, zombies and frankies!

XOXO, Stacy M.

Sunday, October 3, 2010

Check it out! I was featured in this kick-ass treasury on Etsy!!

Yes! I was featured in this totally rockin' treasury on Etsy! http://www.etsy.com/treasury/4ca91c4e44108eef28909289/skull-tastic Just in case you aren't up on your Etsy lingo, a treasury is a collection of items chosen by one of Etsy's sellers or shoppers. They all have a theme and this one is "Skulltastic" (so right there you know it's got to be good) It is the cutest collection of skull stuff EVAR! So glad to be a part of it!! Thank you to Riorosso for including me!! This is the cute lil ring that got me in.. LOL It is still available in my shop.... for now...
Stacy H.

Wednesday, September 22, 2010

A BADASS giveaway from RWS!!

Here at Lipgloss and Razorblades we love to give away free goodies and this contest is like no other! We are always racking our brains to come up with the next great resin necklace and now we want to h
ear your ideas! Have you ever had an amazing idea and never actually made it come to life?? Give us your idea and let us deal with the chemical fumes! LOL!

To enter the contest please comment this post with your unique resin necklace idea and our favorite entry will be declared the winner! The winner will actually receive a FREE resin necklace made to their own unique idea! AND one will also be made and listed in my shop AND GET THIS... it will be named after you!! Nothing could be better!!

Get to thinking! We will choose the winner on Halloween!! Please leave your email address in your comment so we can contact the lucky winner!

Tuesday, September 21, 2010

Tucson Tattoo Expo 2010

What?! It's Fall already?

Man, this summer has flown by, and I am just now posting about me and Stacy's biggest Spring event which was The Tucson Tattoo Expo! We had a booth right next door to 4 Forty 4 Tattoo and needless to say, it was a blast with live tattooing, pin up contests and boutique shopping in effect!

While sipping premade margaritas and talking to our awesome customers that filtered through, we saw some of the best and most unique tattoos! Including this cute couple with matching corset piercings. I also fell in love with this colorful Marilyn Manson tattoo!

These rockin' kids' trucker hats are hand-embellished by Stacy H. and they were a huge hit! She sold out of almost all of them thanks to all the cool, tattooed moms and dads who wanted something unique for their kids to wear.
It's entirely too hot here in Arizona for craft fairs and most events, so our days have been filled lately with making new jewelry, birthday parties for the kiddos, and playdates with other mommies and such. We have been brainstorming like crazy on NEW items that are totally unique and reflect our personalities, sometimes sweet and sometimes sinful! We are stocking up for upcoming holiday shopping and have tons of Halloween goodies in our shops right now.

XOXO, Stacy M.

Thursday, May 6, 2010

New Promo!!

Ok, so it's been a while since we've been on here but I promise you it's for a good reason! Me and lil Stacy have both been craftin' like mad and we both have TONS of hot new bling!!! And, as fun as hot new bling is, we thought we could spice it up even more with a FREEBIE!! Now, I don't know how many of you out there are as crazy for a freebie as I am myself, but this one is sooo fun!! These totally adorable Blythe doll mirrored compacts are CUTE! CUTE! CUTE! Every order over in either one of our shops that is $30+ will receive one of these FREE!! Just in case you forgot.... here's where to go!!!
Two shops, one great promo! Right??? Give us your feedback and let us know whatcha think!! Do you have and idea that could be our next great promo??? We love hearing from our lovely readers!!
xoxo, Stacy H.

Thursday, April 29, 2010

Making nice things for nice people...

"I just want to run with the kittehs and make nice things for nice people..." someone once wrote about me... insinuating I was not one of those nice people LOL. What's really funny is, this came from the same person who decided to write me a nasty and mean-spirited convo on Etsy claiming that I copied her listing! Really, it was so petty. There are a lot of people on Etsy who do resin, jewelry grab bags, and charm necklaces/earrings... but Stacy and I both have a super-unique style that we infuse into each and every piece of jewelry that we make! And many of which are OOAK, original items too!

Anyhoo, on to more positive things! We strongly believe in supporting eachother in being crafty mamas and supporting others within the handmade community! We just think that we should all be here helping each other succeed so that we can all do what we love and make money for our families at the same time :) Whether it's making handmade silk flower clips, sewing baby tutus, modeling clothes and jewelry to build a portfolio, or opening a boutique! We've had the honor of working with many many great people who we've shared our jewelry with and they have reciprocated with love and support in different forms! Today, I just want to mention a few and get back into my blogging spirit!

First you should all go check out a fellow Etsy seller named Gloomth! She is an absolute doll and was kind enough to share with me some awesome photos she took that included my pink Sweet Cupcake necklace! If you like unique, girly but gothic clothing, you will adore her. www.gloomth.etsy.com

I also wanted to give a shout-out to talented musical artist named Fallsiar whom I had the pleasure of making a custom ouroboros necklace for. His music is totally unique, edgy and ethereal. I love his creativity and his ability to ignore the mainstream music scene and just do what he loves. Check it especially if you love Mr. Bungle, radiohead, etc. www.myspace.com/fallsiar

Stacy and I have awesome and loyal customers as well, and I just wanted to take a moment to give an extra special THANKS to Rachel! She not only has an extensive Essem Design collection, but she sends me awesome photos of her wearing them AND she avidly supports handmade crafters and Etsy shops! She is totally badass-radically-fabulous :) Rachel is an excellent photographer, loves steampunk and is a huge car enthusiast (and she really knows her stuff, too.) This girl is the real deal and rawks a Subaru STi! I made her a custom STi necklace among others. Thanks Rach, we ♥ you!
~Stacy M.