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Wednesday, September 22, 2010

A BADASS giveaway from RWS!!

Here at Lipgloss and Razorblades we love to give away free goodies and this contest is like no other! We are always racking our brains to come up with the next great resin necklace and now we want to h
ear your ideas! Have you ever had an amazing idea and never actually made it come to life?? Give us your idea and let us deal with the chemical fumes! LOL!

To enter the contest please comment this post with your unique resin necklace idea and our favorite entry will be declared the winner! The winner will actually receive a FREE resin necklace made to their own unique idea! AND one will also be made and listed in my shop AND GET THIS... it will be named after you!! Nothing could be better!!

Get to thinking! We will choose the winner on Halloween!! Please leave your email address in your comment so we can contact the lucky winner!


  1. Winning idea over here!!! A silver tone set of brass knuckles inside of a heart. The front of the heart should be clear and there should be black or dark silver glitter behind the brass knuckles. It's just like my heart, ready to fight but filled with glitter and awesomeness! Shazam!


  2. I haven't seen much sugar skull necklaces and earrings out there. Ac couture necklace with these would be the bomb!

  3. I would like to see a cartoon style owl looking down at an old fashion bomb ready to blow. Big eyes on this owl..Like HOLY CRAP! haha p.s. I'm partial to green eyes! ;)
    Vivacious Vic AZVK

  4. Hey girls, I know this giveaway is over but I have a cute idea for you. It's not resin though. my fiance got this really awesome bullet necklace with a brass chain at a craft show we went to..he wears it everyday. I thought it would be cute if you did a his and hers bullet sets. Like the bullet for my Valentine one. Different calibers would be cool too! Anyway, just a thought! I love all the new jewelry! <3

  5. Thanks everyone! Rita, you are the winner and I have your idea going in the resin mold already! XOXO