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Saturday, March 28, 2009

Our next giveaway is..... Essem Design!!!

Yes!! It is true!!! We both want to participate in giveaways to our readers!!! We appreciate you and want to share our great stuff too!!! In this post I have the honor of reviewing my blogging bff and her magnificent creations!!! If you have seen anything this girl has made you know what I'm talking about!! Stacy Marshall, the woman behind Essem Design, is one of the most talented artists I've ever met and I am lucky to have her as a friend and partner!! Her meticulous attention to detail make her creations not only one of a kind but the peak of perfection!! Not only can she graphic design, paint, and decopage, she is the resin QUEEN!! She has an incredible eye for perfect color combinations and is always making us all oooh and ahhh with her goregous photography to top it off!!! Seriously, there is nothing she can't do!! You really cannot skip this giveaway girls!! I mean it!! Essem Design will be giving the winner of this giveaway a super hot yellow gunslinger resin necklace!!! The eighties are back!! Stay with it and rock this hot accessory this summer!!! To win this item simply leave a comment below about the item up for grabs or anything in Essem Design's shop!! www.essemdesign.etsy.com If you do not have a blogger profile please leave your email address in your comment so we can contact you if you win!!! Good Luck!!

~Stacy H

Winner Chosen!! October 15th 2009
Chrissy Myers you are the lucky winner!! Add this amazing piece to your EXTENSIVE Essem Design jewelry collection!!! We love you!!


  1. Stacy Marshall is truly an exceptional artist/crafter and a badass SAHM! woo hoo for crafty mamas, unite!!! hehe :]

    the gunslinger girl necklaces are amazing..they can turn any girl into one sexy edgy chick...well at least that's how i feel when i wear mine! LOL :o hehe

    She's always expanding her talents with new and wonderful designs and creations. She literally can make anything your heart desires. whether you're a girlie girl or a rock n roll babe she has something for everyone!! I can't wait for her new line of resin rings! I ordered 3 custom photo ones with a pic of my little boys face in it and can't wait to see what they look like! She puts so much heart into all of her work, especially with her custom orders! I've ordered numerous family photo necklaces and she captures all of the best features of the photo and make them pop and flourish with the wonderful choices of beads and glittered. I look forward to see where her talents take her and what new and badass creations she'll make next!

    Stacy Marshall [essem design] rocks!



  2. What an honor it would be to win something from ESSEM design! :) Stacy M. is one of the most talented woman I know. The bio the other Stacy wrote couldn't have been more true! It was spot on!! That yellow gunslinger along with EVERYTHING else Stacy M makes is absolutely beautiful!

  3. Stacy M is amazing.
    She was able to take my short descriptions and create exactly what I pictured in my mind's eye.

    Every time I wear my custom necklaces I get tons of compliments and have always been a fan of the gunslinger thought I have yet to own one.

    I can't wait to attempt custom kicks!

  4. Stacy Marshall is the craft queen!

    Every time I look at Essem Design my jaw drops to the floor. I love anything that involves art and really expresses a person, and Essem Design has really grasped that concept in accessories; what better way to express yourself than looking smokin?!

    Ladies, I would love to win that super hot yellow gunslinger; I can finally upgrade my jewelry box - trust me being a married woman and still wearing the same stuff from high school isn't exactly the hottest trend around and every time I go to Essem Design I just end up wishing I had money to spare, but Wal-Mart doesn't pay that much, haha!

    Stacy's of Essem Design, you two are amazing and you make every girl in the craft world want to expand her horizons. Keep up the great work and continue making hot masterpieces!!


  5. Stacy is amazing and her work is just as amazing. She go's above and beyond the typical jewelery sold online and adds a personal touch to ever item she creates. I am an Essem Design addict and have made some of my other family and friends addicts as well lol, its not hard.
    Her items kick ass!

  6. WOW! Love her talent in all the areas.♥

  7. Amazing jewellery I would die for! Such talent! Beautiful and unique designs! I wish I had the money to buy it all! x

  8. Stacy is a brilliant artist and such a sweet and cool chica! I get compliments on my Mucha necklace all the time!! And don't get me started about the picture frames!!!! She has quite an eye for creating original designs and does beautiful quality work. Long live Essem Designs!!!!!!!!!!!


  9. I love this woman and her designs! I can never wait to see what she puts up next! She made me a custom necklace that was awesome. She is a very talented woman. I just bought more off of her today as a matter of fact :)


  10. Absolutely adorable. Kickass and sweet, all at once. Once I have saved up a couple bucks, I'm hoping to ask her to make me a necklace. =]