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Friday, October 31, 2008

Happy Halloween!

It's Halloween and no better day than today to officially launch our new blog by posting the first entry! If you havent figured out by now... we are two gals both named Stacy and we are super stoked to share all of our kickass craft ideas with you, our gossip, our gripes, give away free stuff... and hear back from you too!

Okay, this is us at a tatto convention in like 2005 LOL. I'm Stacy M and I'm on the left. I met Stacy H about 9 years ago bartending at a dive bar in Tucson. We continued to work at various bars and nightclubs together bartending and cocktail waitressing and both of us working our way through college. Stacy and I would often get in trouble while working the same shifts for talking too much, laughing our asses off... or throwing quarters back at people who left skimpy tips... hahaha! Like most 20-somethings, we also partied and went to almost every freaking metal show that came through Arizona. Now a days, nobody believes any of our crazy stories that we have accumulated over the years... like how we partied with Static-X all the time, went to a strip club with Orgy and Maynard, started bar fights and had an all-female modified car club!

Well, now its 2008 and we're a lil' older and a lil' wiser. Both married with kids, we now love staying at home with them and being rockin' domestic goddesses! Crafting is our outlet and since we share so many great ideas between us, we decided to share this blog and feature some other great artists, too! We love unique, edgy, handmade goodies that you cant just get at the store... so if you do too, then you are in the right spot! So stay tuned for give-aways galore and a fun time with Stacy and Stacy :)

XOXO, Stacy M

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